LP4Y-December 9-11h, 2021


Women Artists -November 11-13th, 2021


Women Artists from France is launching its fourth, All-women Exhibition with four artists, abstract painter Carole Jury, sculptor Gaëlle Hintzy-Marcel, illustrator Pauline Lévêque, and mix media artist Annabel Perrigueur, in partnership with Brooklyn-based Old Garage Gallery and Doctors of the World US.


These four artists, known for their unique artistic universes, have, for the first time, decided to merge their arts and create joint artworks.


Such « experimental art », as they like to label it, has given birth to artworks exhibited for the first time, blending materials and colors, assembling movements and lines, and exploring territories through multiple lenses.


The exhibition is a new milestone for the Women Artists from France, and with this experimental collaboration they convey the new energy and emotions which drive them today, at a time when renewal finally overcomes the sadness of past months.


From 11 to 13 November, more than twenty artworks will be exhibited at Old Garage Gallery, a new space dedicated to art in the heart of Brooklyn. 


To give further purpose to their artistic endeavor, the four artists have chosen to donate 20% of the exhibition revenues to the non-profit organization Doctors of the World US, in support of its actions for women’s rights, including women access to healthcare in countries where it operates.

MOHO backpack


Coming soon. A collaboration with the German company Quai 7  - https://quai7.world/shop/business/

Drawing an illustration for the MOHO backpack.

Chefs for Impact


Special collaboration of calendars and placemats with Chefs for Impact - https://www.chefs4impact.org 

Chefs for Impact is a NYC based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization raising awareness to sustainable gastronomy.

It was founded in March 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic to inspire consciousness by using food as a powerful vehicle for change.

LP4Y-December 2-6th, 2020


Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 3.10.04 PM.png

Collective art exhibition to the benefit of LP4Y