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Born in France to an artistic family, author and illustrator Pauline Lévêque was raised in the countryside. The days of her youth were spent scribbling on canvases and entertaining herself with the tubes of oil paint stored in her father’s studio.
After the birth of her first child, Lévêque transitioned from a career in journalism - she was a reporter at Paris Match for 15 years, to becoming a full-time illustrator with the creation of “Beep Beep,” a humorous bilingual children’s book character in the body of a red car. 
In contrast to her upbringing, the artist’s affinity for large, sprightly cities like New York, Paris and London is a prominent subject in her work. The structure and composition of her favorite cities inspire her to enhance her illustrations with small details that reflect the lively energy of the cities and people in focus. 
Lévêque’s signature black-and-white technique is evocative of the delicate scratchings of Pierre Le-Tan and the simple lines of Jean-Jacques Sempé; playful yet precise.
Lévêque’s work is very diverse and varied, encompassing collaborations with leading brands such as Dior and Ladurée, to supporting charities such as Doctors of the World USA (where she has been on the board for six years) and Chefs for Impact, including illustrating best-selling French author Marc Levy’s last seven novels, writing her own books, and holding numerous exhibitions. 
She has shown her work at “Galerie Guillaume” alongside her father in Paris for two months in the fall of 2022 and a special showcase at the “Philippe Labaune Gallery” in Chelsea, New York, in December 2022. She is a yearly participant in the LP4Y (Life Project 4 Youth) art fair in benefit of displaced youth living in extreme poverty.

Commissions welcome. Customized illustrations.

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